How to host your website free using Netlify

How to host your website free using Netlify

Hosting a website has never been as easy in the past as it is today due to the existence of so many free hosting companies. With a simple drag and drop, you can get your website deployed on the internet.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will be using Netlify to host our website with a free domain name.

First, you will need to create an account with Netlify

netlify_Joshua Oyewole.jpg

  • Click on the signup button

sign up.PNG

  • Select any of the signup option preferable

• GitHub • Gitlab • Bitbuck or • Email

After successfully registered, log in to your account and see the various features assigned to your account. The features are extremely ok for your personal projects.

To deploy your project, kindly:

  • Click on sites in the top nav menu

  • You will see a box with some text “Want to deploy a new site without connecting to Git? Drag and drop your site folder here”

deploy by drag and drop.PNG

  • Kindly go to your working directory and drag the folder which contains your web pages (HTML, CSS files, or JavaScript) and drop on the box

work folder.PNG

It will take one or two seconds after which a message will be displayed at the top showing the time at which it was deployed with a link to view it online. uplllllllllllllllllllload.PNG

time deployed.PNG

How to create a customized domain name for your site using netlify

The automatically generated domain name can sometimes be awkward and extremely hard to remember. This can be modified to any name of your choice as long as it is available.

  • Just click on the Domain settings button

custom domain.PNG

  • Scroll to custom domains and click on the option button

  • Then select Edit site name

change site name.PNG

  • Enter a new site name and save